I met Benjamin (Ben) A. Rifkin at the High School of Music and Art, where these drawings were penned. An assignment required that we draw the classmate on the opposite side of the table; Ben was my model. Sharp and engaging, he submitted with good will to his object status. Ben became an art historian and studied at the Institute of Fine Arts (IFA), the art--history graduate school of New York University. Among his best-known publications are The Book of Trades [by] Joost Amman and Hans Sachs, intro. Benjamin A. Rifkin (Dover Publications, 1973) and Human Anatomy (From the Renaissance to the Digital Age), Harry

Abrams, 2006. Joshua Rifkin, the musician and Ben’s brother, also attended Music and Art.

The drawings below are by Susan J. Rosen (aka Koslow).

Benjamin A. Rifkin