Richard J. (John) Brignoli, born (January 29, 1938), in Boston, where he attended various schools, including Boston Latin, joined the Merchant Marines before he was seventeen, and soon thereafter entered the Navy. Thanks to the profound friendship, support, and encouragement he received from Stanley, an ROTC graduate of Yale University, Richard applied to and was accepted by Columbia University’s School of General Studies, where he majored in philosophy, specializing in the philosophy of science. Richard and I met in John Jay Dining Hall where many of our friends congregated for lunch, in late fall or early spring 1961. I was a sophomore at Barnard College and an art--history major. Our friendship evolved in time, despite our different disciplines; both shared, however, features in common: analytical thinking, abstract visualization, and history. We were married on 2 April 1962, rather than on the first of the month, the day of fools, to preserve a sense of decorum but also with knowing wry humor. The bride wore a red dress. Conventional our marriage was not, but it was filled with wonders and great joy and grief and terrors too; the union of two into one at such early age--and at the time when it took place in the 1960s-- is fated to extreme stress, as each half searches for the fullness of his identity. The marriage ended in annulment and was without issue. For more on Richard’s life, see the obituary at The drawing was sketched in the heat of July, 1961, in Canterbury, Connecticut, where my parents had a summer home. In Richard’s lap is the Rosen family dog Schatzi, a dachshund; this is one of the earliest drawings that exists of our relationship. Oblivious of my presence, unguarded, Richard is the subject of my loving observant gaze. 

Richard J. Brignoli 1