This is the earliest picture I drew of Richard John Brignoli that I own. Richard holds a book or paper in his hand. A characteristic rounded finger nail, a detail that endows a person with individuality and recognizability, and is one of those “facts” easily forgotten in time and one that art more abstract or idealizing omits is faithfully recorded. Given the less than ideal circumstances where this drawing was photographed with a Canon Elph (first generation), the  image’s color, contrast, and detail were enhanced with iphoto, rather than photoshop elements. The drawing is 46 years old, which is the age, give or take a year, of the other drawings in the Brignoli series. What prompted this drawing? That “fact” probably remains inscribed in my hippocampus, but is no longer accessible. See The New York Times, section A, p. 27,  December 18, 2006, Nicholas Wade, “In Memory--Bank ‘Dialogue,’ The Brain is Talking to Itself.” The medium is graphite and was done on a 14 x 17 newsprint pad and is inscribed “For Richard” and dated “4--14--1961” (April 14, 1961). Newsprint is ephemeral, being permeated with acid.  For more on Richard’s life, see the obituary at

Richard J. Brignoli 2