This drawing of Richard reading, an en face study, is one of my favorites. He is not “posing;” immersed in the text he reads, he unconsciously rests his hand on his head and moves his beautiful slender fingers through his hair. He appears here as “philosopher,” the thoughtful wise man. Artists are notorious for making multiple sketches on the same sheet. That practice accounts for the studies of Richard’s feet on the portrait. As I have insisted on previous pages, the body’s physical structure, its specific features, identify the individual. The drawing is graphite on newsprint (14” x 17”  pad). I used various lights --daylight and flash--but none were truly successful. Working with the page in one of the photo programs will give good results when the image is printed. I plan to re-photograph the drawing using a special bulb which promises to “unwrinkle” the fragile paper. Date? 1961--1963. For more on Richard’s life, see the obituary at

Richard J. Brignoli 7