Roberta (Bert) a native of Pennsylvania, now resident in Colorado, married my brother Paul Peter Rosen, MD, after attending Antioch College and The New School in New York City. She received a degree in Library Science at Columbia University and became a librarian in various institutions in Englewood and Livingston. She is the mother of  Deborah Rosen White and Jonathan Rosen, both lawyers. Her marriage ended in divorce . The chalk drawing, on a 14 x 17 newsprint pad, was probably done around 1961 --1962. In 2006, I retouched the eyes with blue and white watercolor on successive days. Bert’s spectacular large blue eyes, a  color her daughter inherited, needed to be added to be true to the sitter’s aspect. Further discreet changes may be made in the future. The drawings below are by Susan J. Rosen (aka Koslow).

Roberta Newton Rosen