Theodor Holm Nelson, “Ted” to me, was one of the most amiable, amusing, and engaging  people I met at Swarthmore College. Among his circle of college friends who I was fortunate to meet were David Baltimore (Nobel Prize 1975, in Physiology and Medicine) and Robert Kramer (influential leftist filmaker). The drawing below probably dates to circa 1958 or 1959. At that time I was a student at Music and Art High School, in Manhattan, and was always ready with pad and pen to “catch” the moment, the person engaged. Ted was a musical enthusiast, a mean banjo player who sang and strummed with great skill. If I recall correctly, Ted was an activist as well, who successfully advocated for instituting sociology in Swarthmore’s curriculum. Ted (Theodor) is recognized as one of the world’s foremost computer theorists and information technologists. Among the terms he coined are “hypertext” and “virtuality.” Take note OED.

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The drawings below are by Susan J. Rosen (aka Koslow).

Theodor Holm Nelson